Shirshasan (Headstand Pose) : How to Do It, Benefits, Step by Step Instructions & Precautions

Shirshasan (Headstand Pose) Procedure

⁃             Sit in vajrasan

⁃             Relax the body and close eyes for few seconds

⁃             Now lean forward and interlock the fingers on the back of the head and head and arms on the mat

⁃             Distance between Elbows should be equal to distance between interlocked finger and an elbow

⁃             Now lift your back of the body to form a right triangle where your back and legs represent hypotenuse.

⁃             Now walk slowly towards the elbows

⁃             Bend the knees slightly, bend the thighs against the chest and abdomen

⁃             Now slowly raise one leg above the mat by 20 cms and do the same with other leg.

⁃             Now raise the lower legs in a controlled movement, adjust the trunk slightly to counter balance the weight of legs

⁃             Raise the knees to the verticals position, keeping heels near the buttocks, straighten the hips so the thighs moves up away from the torso.

⁃             Slowly strengthen the knees whole body should be in straight line with feet relaxed.

⁃             maintain the position for 2 to 5 minutes

⁃             Return to the starting position by slowly bending the knees and lower the body with control in reverse order

Breathing – Normal breathing while coming to posture.

Or inhale at during the body has formed right triangle and retain breath till the final posture.

Shirshasan (Headstand Pose) Awareness

While learning shirsh asana first the focus should be on maintaining the balance.

Shirshasan (Headstand Pose) Sequence

For beginners it should be performed during the end of Asan program. For experience practitioners either they can perform head stand during the start or during the end of program followed by tadasana

Shirshasan (Headstand Pose) Contra Indications

Not to be performed by people who  have neck issues, headaches, migraine , high blood pressures , heart disease, should not be practiced during pregnancy or mensuration cycles.

Shirshasan (Headstand Pose) Benefits

⁃             Helpful in awakening of sahaara chakra

⁃             Helpful in revitalising body and mind

⁃             Helpful in  other physiological disorder which becomes root cause of asthma

⁃             Rectifies many forms of nervous and glandular disorders related to reproductive system.

⁃             This asana reverse the effect of gravity on the body and aids in reverse blood flow in the legs and visceral organs helps to regenerate the tissues.

⁃             With the weight of abdominal organ on diaphragm causes deep exhalation so that large amounts of carbon di oxide is removed from the lungs.

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