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Yoga Courses - Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are there in the YTT classes/courses?
What is dress code for the yoga class?
Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?
I'm pregnant can I attend to the course?
When do we have free time?
If want to skip class am I able to do that?
Can I attend to the same course with my partner?
I tried yoga just few times. Will it be too advanced for me to attend the TTC?
Are the teachers well qualified?
Will language be my barrier as English is not my first language?
Do I have to read any books?
Arrival & Departure?


How can I become a certified yoga teacher or yoga instructor?
Is your school registered with Yoga Alliance? Is your yoga teacher training certificate valid internationally?
Do I need to pass any exams in order to complete the course?
Will I be able to teach with this certificate in other parts of the world?

General question

Which kind of visa do I need to apply for?
What should I bring with myself?
Is there any post nearby?

Location & Transportation

Which airport should I choose to fly to?
How can I reach Rishikesh from Delhi and how much does it cost?
Is it safe to travel alone to Rishikesh?
Will you handle travel arrangements for me once I arrive in India?

Food & Accommodation

I am vegan. Does the food your serving are suitable for vegans?
I have diabetes/ celiac disease/gluten intolerances/ kidney disease is it possible for me to provide special diet at the school?
Is there clean drinking water at the school?
Can we use phones at the school?
How can I use Internet at the school?
Do you have available air conditional AC at the school during summer month?

Health & Security-

I'm taking medications. I'll be able to get it in India?
What if I get sick during my course?
Do I have to worry about Malaria?
Do I have to be careful about eating food in India?