What is Virabhadrasana Warrior Pose 2? – How To Do IT, Benefits, Method & Precautions.

Name Originate from the history of lord Shiva Where He in anger throws one of his hair dreadlocks on the floor of heaven And a Warrior is emerged to destroy all he sees especially to destroy king Daksha father of mother Sati(Shiva’s wife) who was responsible for Sati’s death Virabhadrasana A(warrior A) throws his hair in air upward Virabhadrasana B(Warrior B) chops king Dakshas head
In this Video we shall talk about Virabhadrasana second
💥 Virabhadrasana Warrior Pose 2 Method:
In Ashtanga vinyasa Sequence Warrior B comes after transitioning from warrior A where we follow the tradition of vinyasa karma and this is considered Nava(9) and Dasha(10) vinyasa (step) from warrior A we drop hands sat shoulder level and pull the back leg backward more and rotate our trunk towards straight leg so pelvic can be equally pulled from both the legs while on other side knee is 90 degrees bent and our gaze is on the hand which is over bent leg.
💥 Virabhadrasana Warrior Pose 2 Alternative Method:
Start from wide opened leg position, so wide that if you bend the knees they come on top of ankle and bottom thighs(hamstrings) come parallel to floor as if in Deviasana(goddess ) Maintain feet parallel to each other.
Now turn either of the foot outward (hip external rotation) close to 90 degrees or turn so much that pelvic doesn’t compensate much to follow the movement of hip else posture could be misaligned.
Bend the knee of the foot you rotated while you push the opposite thigh away from bending knee making sure the feet don’t move so just push the bent knee and straight leg inner thigh away from each other for much more stability, and good bodyweight distribution.
Now simply open hands sideways at shoulder level and fix your gaze to the hand which is on top of the bent knee. Do the same on another side for the same period of time as it is asymmetrical posture.
💥 Virabhadrasana Warrior Pose 2 Precautions:
Being a beginner one may find too much weight on bent leg which is good for them to strengthen but they can choose to keep knee less bent so they feel confident.
If one has knee cap misalignment or knee cap dislocation (patellar) they must avoid knee bent beyond ankle or 90 degrees.
Keep knee and foot facing the same direction to avoid knee and hip compression.
Do not lean much on a bent leg unless it’s done as a variation and playful pose.
💥 Virabhadrasana Warrior Pose 2 Benefits:
Warrior suggests how it should make you this posture is strengthening for thighs (quadriceps ) hips(gluteus) and shoulders (deltoid).
Virabhadrasana B stretches groin muscles (adductors ), especially for the straight leg.
Alignment is brought to the spinal column and overall stability is gained.
Increases the hip and shoulders mobility.

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