Bakasana (Crow Pose) : How to Do It, Step by Step (Method), Benefits & Precautions.

What is Bakasana (Crow Pose)?

Is translated as crow pose Bakassa is one of the complex poses Biggest this is the kumba nation of balancing cool strengthening balancing coordination etc. The asana is not really a posture for beginners but yes , there are some Ways which can be followed by beginners to practice this pose by performing modifications to avoid injuries and get benefits let’s talk about methods further.

Bakasana (Crow Pose) Step by Step Instructions:

  •  Let’s start from Squat position Where knees are wider than shoulders   like  Insumo squat.
  • Now try to perform deep flexion from hip And adjust both shoulders at the inner side of the knees And try to open up the chest by pushing the shoulders towards the knees And pushthe knees  towards the shoulders
  • Shoulders and knees are trying to push against each other to create stabilisation
  • Now Squeeze the sitting bones toward the knees(posterior tilt of hip) strongly and try to take the ribs inward This will be a position like cat pose in Marjariasana Where core  will feel engaged and spine will be stabilised
  • Now place the palms Shoulder with apart in front under shoulders While the elbows remain  bent
  •  Slowly shift the body weight forward to the point where most of the body weight comes up on your hands and feet start to become light on the floor (If the body weight is too much for you don’t try to shift more motivated than that rather learn to hold a position with all the efforts we have discussed before)
  • when you feel comfortable holding so much body weight on hands  try to bend your knees and let your feet come off the  floor
  •  Finally push yourself as if you performing plank position and keep all those efforts in your mind that were there in the beginning we started in this position
  • Now just look forward by lifting your chin slightly and hold the position for as long as you want to.

Bakasana (Crow Pose) Precautions:

  • If you don’t feel comfortable in high plank positionmost probably you have not got enough strength to perform Positions like bakasana where whole body weight falls upon your wrist and hand So instead of trying to  Shift your bodyweight completely on the hand shift so much body weight as it’s comfortable and learn to work with the efforts we have discussed in the method
  •  Make sure before youtry this position you perform some warming up movement for yourwrist And try to do some light weight bearing exercise Like table top high plank and their variations
  •  If you are afraid of falling forward on your head you can do it in front of the wall where your head is facing towards the wall And shift your bodyweight Forward on to hands and let the head gently touch the floor or keep gentle space between

Bakasana (Crow Pose) Benefits:

  •  Back asana position is very good position to learn to lift your whole body weight Back asana position is very good position to learn to lift your whole body weight Which is also very helpful for positions like handstand and other hand balancing positions
  •  This position is wrist strengthening, forearm strengthening, Shoulder strengthening Spine strengtheningetc.
  • This position help us learn to to coordinate muscular engagement for balancing and teaches us the compensation.
  • Bakasana is very good position to release lower back compression and tension.
  • Reduces belly , hip and thigh fat.

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