Yoga for abs

Have you ever wanted abs? A lot of people watch actors and athletes that inspire them to work out two times a day and adopt a keto diet. People go to extreme lengths with unrealistic goals for their dream body. Steroids, excess gymming and unhealthy diets that look healthy can do more harm than good. Luckily, yoga has been an effective alternative healthy solution to achieve your dream body and the abs that you desire.

Yoga is more than just the religious aspects to it. It consists of many asanas and poses with gentle to extreme intensity with each pose serving a different purpose. Some of these asanas may help you for better toned abs without risking your health.

Shalabhasana: Also known as the superman pose requires you to lay on your belly and lift your hand and legs simultaneously while you use your core strength to balance like a flying superman. This pose would work on your core and eventually tone your abs

Halasana: This asana requires you to lay in the spinal pose and lift your legs over your head with the help of your core strength. Holding this posture will allow your muscles to strengthen yourself.

Navasana: This pose again requires your core strength to balance on your tailbone and your legs and hands are in the air.

The most common thing amongst these asanas is that all of them require core strength. So, the key to getting abs is to focus on poses and asanas that demand core strength out of you.

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