Warm up before yoga asana

As body is one of the most complicated machine on the planet which is undoubtedly wonderful as how it expresses itself through movements, little did we explore how body finds its way to illustrate itself, in exercise world people have found way to make the movements easier which has unfolded next to no limited possibilities for it, hatha yoga mentioned way back that there are 8.4 million possible position that a body can move in to be able to transition into numerous positions it’s vital we know how we prepare ourselves so it becomes accessible and smooth for us, physical body is filled with  viscous thixotropic fluid which is affected by temperature, therefore, one must bring some warmth to the body before body moves into extreme, intense and complicated combinations of movement that makes a posture (yoga asana}.

Warming up the body through movements and breathing can help activate muscles, regulate blood circulation and bring fluidity to a movement which lead to a comfortable yet stressed positions.

Warm up can help improve blood circulation muscles have their energy and avoid injuries.

In the traditional practice of ashtanga it is Iced in Mysore style which means a practitioner will be aloud to modify and manage his own practice around his abilities. Where the sequence I have mentioned below is going to be helpful, traditional ashtanga starts with Sun salutations A & B which is considered warm up, for a beginner or when it’s too cold outside it can lead to stiffness in the body and even straight starting with Sun salutations can be felt challenging.

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