Ujjayi Pranayama (Ujjayi Breathing): How to Do It, Steps and Benefits

What is Ujjayi Pranayama ? or Ujjayi Breathing

The word “Ujjayi” is from the Sanskrit prefixes “Uj” and “Jay“.  Thus, Ujjayi simply means “Vijay” i,e, “One who is victorious”.  Thus Ujjayi Pranayama means “Victorious Breath”.

Ujjayi Pranayama is practiced to control your breath. Ujjayi Pranayama is done to control the respiratory system of the body. This is also known as Victorious Breath in English. While practicing this pranayama, a sound like seawater comes, that’s why it is also called Ocean Breath Pranayama. This Pranayama causes hot air in the body and it helps in getting the contaminated and viral substances out of the body.

In this pranayama, breathing is done only through the nose. Due to the small respiratory tract of the throat, the air goes slowly in and out, so while doing this pranayama, a sound like a sea generated.  Many serious diseases can be avoided through the regular practice of UjjayiKriya Pranayama. It can be practiced in three ways – standing, lying down, and sitting.

How to do Ujjayi Pranayama?

  • The method of this pranayama is very simple, close your eyes and sit in any meditation posture like Padmasana
  • Keep your spine straight.
  • Take long, deep breaths slowly through your nose.
  • Then open your mouth and exhale slowly by making a “ha” sound.
  • Repeat several times.
  • Start with 5 to 8 minutes of practice, gradually increase your time to 10 to 15 minutes.

Benefits of Ujjayi Pranayama

  • The ability to concentrate increases.
  • This makes the body healthy and efficient.
  • With this practice, sinus and migraine problems can be overcome.
  • Along with making the voice melodious, this pranayama also keeps away from thyroid-like disease.
  • Works to reduce the chances of getting diseases like cough, indigestion, liver problems, dysentery, and fever.
  • Increases internal energy and flows positive energy.
  • The regular use of this pranayama works to open the closed arteries and control cholesterol.
  • Reduces the chances of heart diseases and problems like a heart attack.

When to do Ujjayi Pranayama?

  • Ujjayi Pranayama is very beneficial for balancing tension and mind, whenever you find yourself stressed try Ujjayi Pranayama.
  • Try Ujjayi Pranayama for yoga and meditation so that you can flow from one asana to another.
  • You can also use Ujjayi when you are doing aerobic exercises like running or cycling.

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