Pranayama and Our Immunity.

Pranayama exercises like Anuloma Viloma and Kapalabhati, a series of Surya Namaskar as well as asanas that stimulate the lungs and increases the inhalation capacity. These the yogic practice focuses on the improvement of our immune system, with a focus on our lungs and respiratory tract.

Anuloma Viloma or alternate nostril breathing involves breathing in from one nostril and breathing out from the other, it is also known as Nadi Shodhana, this practice helps to balance the central nervous system and it is so effective that the capacity of oxygen intake increases in the lungs as well as for cardio-pulmonary functioning.

Kapalabhati is one of the shat kriyas – six cleansing practices –  Kapalahbhati is an exercise that cleanses the throat and lungs and stimulates the abdominal muscles and organs. It consists of a series of forceful exhalations followed by passive inhalations.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation has a deep effect on detoxifying the organs through oxygenation. It is a series of 12 physical postures, alternating backward and forward bends, flexing the spinal column and giving a deep stretch to your whole body. It also helps you to increase your lungs’ capacity and has a deeper relaxing effect. Asanas will include chest-opening, twisting, stretching and strengthening.

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