Yoga poses for kidney

The kidneys – the organs that balance the body’s fluids – are located beneath the back ribs between the 9th thoracic and the 2nd lumber vertebrae. They are responsible for purifying the blood or any other fluid like water and producing urine.

There are many ways to approach the more energetic aspects of the kidneys through Yin Yoga, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle. 

Kidneys have an extremely important function of purifying the blood by filtering waste out of it. They also assist in functioning of the urinary system, further secretion of hormones and maintenance of the blood pressure in the body. Kidneys also have the additional function of maintaining the pH level, in the body. kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body and should be cared for.

researchers suggest that kidney related diseases or conditions are more likely to be observed in developing nations where insufficient nutrition, stress and unhealthy lifestyle contribute to renal deterioration. According to WHO research, around million lives are lost globally every year due to kidney and urinary-tract related diseases. Hypertension and diabetes are known to worsen the condition furthermore.

With the help of modern medicine and advanced medical equipment, doctors have been able to control the damage caused to kidneys. Often it is like these that one must turn towards natural remedies. Yoga is one holistic approach that promotes healthy lifestyle through yoga poses, meditation and pranayama.

yoga posture following are recommended by hatha yoga texts to prevent any health problem to kidney or any other organ in abdominal area.

  • Bhujangasana(cobra pose)
  • Merudanda vakrasana (spinal twist)
  • Parivrita pawanmuktasana(twisting head to knee pose)
  • Ardha matsyendrasana( seated spinal twist)
  • Paschimotanasana(seated forword bend)
  • Setu bandhasana(bridge pose)
  • Navasana(boat pose)
  • Mandukasana(frog pose)

All the postures mentioned above are the postures which are responsible for stimulating the kidney, intestine , stomach and pancreas.

Stimulation of any organ will improve the function of it to the optimal level so there is no complication to the job of the organ.

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