Yoga for neck

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints people have that is caused by several factors. These include daily activities that involve repetitive forward bending, poor posture, or the habit of holding your head in one position while reading a book or especially while using cell phones and using computers.

it’s easy for neck pain to extend to your shoulders and back. Neck pain can lead to headaches and even injury. Moreover, it leads to misalignment, in general people do not really take care of their neck until it starts to hurt, especially just above your upper back some people will develop a tiny lump, many people start doing stretches which temporarily feels light because muscles become relaxed, however, we want neck muscles to be stronger not stretching them merely will help eradicate the issue arising, again and again, that leads to chronic pain eventually.

Practicing yoga is an excellent way to get rid of neck pain or even prevent it. Yoga can help provide needed support to the neck by strengthening, stretching, and stabilizing it. Yoga is useful in treating even chronic neck pain. 

Basically, we want to explore all movements of the neck and focus on strengthening and a few stretches we want to do. Yoga postures following will be helping the neck be mobilized and strengthen it, further, postures will also help nourish the neck by improving blood circulation and it is important that we work on shoulder and upper back flexibility and strength which will support the neck by providing it a strong base.

List of 8 Yoga Poses for Neck Pain Relief:

  • Dynamic Cat and cow pose
  • Balasan(child pose)
  • Bhujangasana(cobra pose)
  • Modified boat pose( ardha navasan)
  • Camel pose(ustrasan)
  • Trikonasan(triangle pose)
  • Parsva konasana(side angle pose)
  • Gaumukhasana

Further, we should add isometric neck exercises and resistant bend exercises.

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