Hanumanasana : How to Do It, Benefits and Precautions?

Hanuman asana refers to the position in which lord Hanumana in the epic scripture Ramayana, jumbed taking a huge leap over the ocean to Sri Lanka, to take such a big jump Hanumana took a leg forward and back leg was straight backword, also known as front split.

How to do Hanumanasana

  • Start in tadaasna and come in low lunge position while the right knee is bent 90degrees and back leg knee is on the floor.
  • Now slowly first straighten your front leg and bend forward over the front leg then bend the right knee back to its previous position and try straitening the left leg while gently bending backward.
  • Now straighten the front completely and push the back leg backword to straighten the back leg and touch the thigh on the floor.
  • Now raise both hands up and join your palm or just join the palm in front of the chest.
  • Now to balance and for symmetry do the same on the other side by switching the legs.

Hanumanasana Precautions

  • This posture is an advanced posture untile your forward and backward bend is not good it could over stretch the muscles.
  • Do good warm up before doing the posture.
  • You can also do backbend in Hanuman asana as variation, make sure lower back is safe and feels no compression.
  • People with hamstring injury should not do this pose.

Hanumanasana Benefits

  • Stretches the hamstring muscles and quads and psoas the hip flexors and improves hip mobility.
  • Psoas muscle is also known as storage of emotion, stretching allows a person to being emotionally stable.
  • Improves knees mobility and strength.

This posture helps fix the misalignment of spine like hyper lordosis or hypo lordosis.

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