True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life.

Were you ever a person who thought that you couldn’t do yoga or didn’t want to start yoga until you lost a bit of weight? Throughout my life, I’ve encountered several people who I suggested to start a yoga practice for all the benefits, and they’re reply is “I think I’ll need to lose a bit more weight” or “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga” or sometimes even “I’m not strong enough”. These replies are usually in response to what is being portrayed as Yoga in the general media, which is generally being able to stand on your hands or its being able to contort your body into very complicated but beautiful shapes. It’s normal for a person to be self conscious about not being able to do what other people to do, but as we have all been blessed with a brain, we should be able to understand that everyone started at the bottom. Moreover, we should understand that yoga isn’t really about the physical appearance/capability of the body, and the physical practice being 1/8 of what yoga is about. I could go on and write about how the yoga is compromised of 8 limbs – or sections – in which the physical practice – the asana – is only the 3rd limb. To spare you the facts that you can easily find on Google, I will assume you already have previous knowledge of the 8 limbs of yoga (and if you don’t, here is a great time to do a quick search on them). Have any queries? get answer from

As I once read in a book, and I’ll be paraphrasing, yoga is not about reaching a desired posture in an asana, but it’s one’s state of mind when being in that asana. A person can have both feet over their head in dwi pada sirsasana but not have their breath under control or be in so much pain, and another person can do a much simple option of the pose but have so much control with their breath and manage to find peace and calm in the asana. The second person is practicing yoga while the first person might as well be simply doing body contortions. The point of coming into these complicated asana postures is not to show off our flexibility, but it’s to train our body and mind to breathe and find peace and calm even in difficult positions. It is a reflection of life. If we find ourselves faced with difficult or uncomfortable situations, we just need to breathe through it calmly without allowing it to take control of our life. As long as we have control over our breath, then we have control of our life. This is why true yoga is about the shape of your life. When I get on my mat, I see myself clearly and am able to understand the state of my mind during that day. A lot of people see their yoga mat as a mirror, as it’s a reflection of all the crap we try to hide from ourselves or deny.

Although yoga asana might help in toning the body, gaining strength, and shedding some fat, that shouldn’t be the main or only reason for having this practice. Once you change your perspective, you might tap into things you never thought you could.

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